“brick shithouse” comes to mind.

This is a closeup of “The Trestle.”

This was a monumental hangout spot for our group of ne’er-do-wells back in the early 80’s.  In the early 80’s, this bridge was only 80 years old.

The 1906 engineering is remarkable.  It’s built to last, and it is still in use today.

This was a great opportunity for me to once again combine my two favorites, photography and ghost hunting. I had a recorder running the whole time, and used the radio ghost box when I  got on top of the trestle.  I had to make quick work, since I was trespassing in broad daylight.  Something tells me that there was a lot of tragedy here.  Or at least my mind makes me think that way.  The atmosphere, even in daylight, is haunting.


One Response to ““brick shithouse” comes to mind.”

  1. You may not recall, but a girl from (back then) North Carrollton Junior High committed suicide on the tracks. I didn’t know her but it was a tragic thing – her brother had died from huffing inhalants and then she put herself in front of a train. May have not been right at the trestle, but it was somewhere along in there as I recall.

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