Focal length’s great.

The Hall of State in Fair Park is one of the those places where a lot of people, including me, might say “if only these walls could talk.”  What a rich history, a history as bold and grand as the boldest and grandest state in America.

Two things I never leave home without are the camera and the recorder.  I placed the recorder on the ground in the center of the Hall as I fired away at a building that I have photographed many, many times before.  And much to my surprise, it picked up a male voice that said “Focal length’s great.”

A comment on me taking the picture.  And he liked my focal length.

Wow.  These walls do talk.  You just need to know how to listen.


One Response to “Focal length’s great.”

  1. Wow, this is an awesome entry. I do have to say that as EVP specialists I almost feel like we grew up together. Haha It’s good to know that there are more people like myself who dig deeper into this aspect of paranormal. Moments like the one captured above is what separates those who capture EVP’s during investigations and Those who capture Class A responses to their questions. There is a way to learn the secrets of the universe, you just have to know how to listen! -m

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