A southerner arrives at Gettysburg

Made it into Gettysburg tonight around 8PM. Long day of flying, with a stop in Birmingham, AL before I headed to Baltimore.
From Baltimore, it was about an hour and a half drive through beautiful historic townships of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

With all apologies to Texas, it actually feels like Autumn up here. The town seems empty. That’s a good thing. Hopefully, this is an off-peak time and I won’t have to deal with a lot of other tourists in the next few days. They say that 1.6-1.7 million people come here annually. But maybe in late September it is an off-peak season. Lots of businesses seemed closed, but it’s a Monday. It’s crisp and dark when I arrive. The darkness cloaks the monuments and cannons spread throughout the city. The Gettysburg National Military Park is not the “battlefield” per se, although it does include a good portion of the battlefield. The entire city is the battlefield. The streets, houses, everything for miles in each direction.
The hotel I am staying in for the first night is the Quality Inn at General Lee’s Headquarters. It is a motor hotel built on to the home that Robert E. Lee used as Headquarters during the battle of Gettysburg. It’s right across the street from the Lutheran Seminary that played a role in the Battle. From my room, the General’s Headquarters is approximately 300 feet to the left.
The wifi network here is called “GENERAL LEE” and the password is 1863. Nice.

Gettysburg has been on my list for a long time. The more I learned about the battle that happened here, the more I wanted to see it in person.
Although Ashley and I take vacations together as a family, this worked out well. Ashley’s stepfather purchased her a cruise earlier in the year, and now it’s my turn to do something by myself. Plus the Civil War probably gives Ashley tired head. And Owie is not yet old enough to understand the sacrifice and bloodshed that happened here. This is one of the most hallowed spots on American soil; the turning point in the Civil War. It was a battle that changed the United States and the world. Words cannot describe this place. For me, it is like a force that is pulling me here to investigate and walk on the sacred ground.

I always invest a lot of time reading about an area before I go there on vacation. I have read many books on the battles and the associated paranormal activity said to haunt this area. Tonight I drove past numerous buildings and locations that I have read about in the last few weeks. What a special feeling to recognize something from a book and stand right in front of it. I could barely see the outlines of the monuments and the cannons that dotted the landscape. I can’t wait until tomorrow when the light of day illuminuates the city and I am able to get to work.
I am convinced that there is not a better place in America to investigate the paranormal than Gettysburg. But I want to do it my way, on my terms. No spooky ghost tours here. I want to document and record in my style. I want to communicate with someone who made the ultimate sacrifice for his Army. I want to know if his spirit survived the battle that his body did not.

Tomorrow I want to start the day early by going to the National Military Park Headquarters to get my bearings. I have read so many books on the paranormal at Gettysburg that everything seems to blend together. I have made a mental list of areas that I want to see; I want to talk to someone at the Park about the best way to get around to all of them. I want to take the recorders, cameras, and video recorders to the fields tomorrow where the heaviest fighting took place. I also want to focus on any areas or buildings that were used as makeshift hospitals during the battle. By focusing on heavy fighting and hospitals, I think I can increase my chances of recording something that helps me discover if the soul survives death. After all, that is my ultimate question. And what better place to seek the answer?


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