Done with “news”

Several weeks ago, I made the decision to end facebook. I had begun to see facebook as a massive timewaste, generally a reflection of American narcissistic society. “Look at me!” “Be my “friend”. Not for me. As I find myself with less and less time for what is important in life, it becomes necessary to eliminate the drama, the time drains, the need to let “friends” see what is going on in my life, the life in which I play the starring role.
It was one of the best decisions I have made in a while. Right up there with getting on board with the World Cup, and buying a printer that uses toner instead of ink.
Today, I reached another milestone–no more “news”. My brother has been quite successful with the eliminating news from his life. He figures that if something is important enough, it will find him. And he is probably right.
The world is as violent and turbulent now as it has been in the last 40 years, people killing in the name of religion. Adding the dead to the countless millions that have died in the name of “religion”. In the name of “your opinions differ from mine”. It’s utterly pointless.

But this is what did it for me:

I cannot manage to read things like this and not have the story stay in my brain for a long time. I simply do not have the wherewithal to continue to become emotionally attached to stories like this. For some bizarre reason, I can read thousands of stories about humans killing humans and not be moved the way I am moved by this article.
You see, I am an cat person. I choose to spend some of my time with shelter cats, getting to know the variety of personalities and dispositions that come through the doors of the SPCA. And I am slowly coming around on canines, mostly due to a great little dog named Jackalope. Jackalope is more than a pet for our family. She is a teacher. She will help me show Owen the value of life, all life. The responsibilities involved in caring for an animal. She will teach Owen how to accept and respect the blind trust that animals give us. And, ultimately, she will teach us the sorrow when it is time to say goodbye. All of these are lessons that carry us through life.

Animals depend on us for a lot of things. They put their blind trust in us, even when we are undeserving. And they teach us important elements of life.
Life is a gift.
Karma is real.
And from what I hear, impaling happens in prison. It’s just a different kind. Dallas police, find these guys.


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