I wanna be just like Daddy…..

I recently had that fatherhood moment when it all comes together.   My four-year-old said that when he grows up, he “wants to be just like Daddy.”  Wow.  I must be doing something right.  I am still looking for the owner’s manual for that thing we brought home from the hospital. 

But, hey, if Owie wants to be a head-bangin’, paranormal researchin’, male pattern baldin’, cat lovin’, Aggie building materials salesperson, who can blame him, right?  This is the dream life, no doubt.

Owie, I am flattered. Thank you.  But you know what, it is a two-way street:

I want to not be afraid to run through the mud.

I want to be so creative that I can change a plane into a submarine with a few quick switches of the legos.

I want to be universally trusting.

I want to be always funny.

I want to be fearless.

I want to be inquisitive.  I want to find the wonder in acorns, and leaves, and twigs.

I want to be care free.

I want to be excited by the RED balloon.

I want to never be too reserved to spontaneously walk like a robot.

I want to never be too inhibited to tell someone that I love them.


You know, Owie, I think I want to be just like you when I grow up.


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