Common sense. Suspend it.

At this point in my life, I am reading at a breakneck pace. My mind is a sponge, especially when it comes to researching the field of paranormal studies. Every book I read references another, and the chain of works continue indefinitely. Today I read a quote that sums up the mode of thinking that one must employ in this field of study.
When it comes to researching the paranormal, we must suspend common sense in favor of un-common sense.
G.N.M. Tyrrell states in the book Apparitions: “The common sense view of time must be utterly inadequate. Modern science agrees with that, and the best of modern science deals with un-common sense.”
This was written 60 years ago, and it still applies. The truth is that man does not know as much as he thinks he does. Little is absolute. Paradigms of thinking constantly evolve. Science and technology lead us down a road that is longer, more populated, and probably more winding than we think it is. Thousands of years ago, we did not know what happens to the soul upon death. And today we still do not. More questions than answers.


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