One giant leap for paranormal research.

For me, paranormal research is more than just a hobby.  It is a quest.  I want real-time, two-way communication with spirits. Ihave questions, and they have the answers.

I feel that two-way communication is the only way we will ever get answers to the very important questions that drive Bravo Paranormal’s activities, especially ProjectRSVP.

 As living human beings, we communicate through speech.   Our speech is formed by passing air through vocal chords.  Once someone has passed from this plane into the next, this is no longer an option, because the body shell is no longer functioning.  So how does a spirit communicate with the living?

One way is through radio frequencies.  Paranormal researchers have known for years that spirits are somehow able to manipulate radio frequencies to speak. The conventional wisdom is that a radio can be set to rapidly scan through the frequencies, only spending a small fraction of a second on each frequency.  The resultant “blips” of sound made as the radio scans rapidly from channel to channel are somehow manipulated by the spirits into recognizable speech.

I have heard expamples of this that are utterly mind-blowing.  Whole sentences are spoken over the radio frequency, and one cannot help but think that the origin is parnormal.  Unfortunately, I have also heard my share of less than remarkable radio scans.  These are subjective and certainly up to interpretation.  A bit of a stretch to call it anything other than a radio picking up signals.  Hardly paranormal in nature; most of what I have heard falls into this category.

But something happened as we were filming at an accident scene a few weeks ago.

A radio that we had on the ground was tuned off-station, and was only picking up static.  All of the sudden, without moving the dial to change the frequency, sentences started to come through, spoken by a female voice.  At first, we dismissed it as a stray radio station, somehow picked up by our receiver. This is because we use a debunking mindset when investigating the paranormal; if there is a logical explanation for something, we certainly look into that first.  We certainly don’t want to label something as paranormal when it could be easily debunked.

After downloading the file onto the audio program and analyzing it, we discovered that it was in fact a female voice.  Ans she was answering our questions and talking specifically about the accident that ocurred at the site. Truly amazing.

So now, my standard procedure is to take a radio and tune it to pure static, making sure that it is not picking up any discernable radio programming.  I set this radio by my recorder, and ask the questions that I normally ask, hoping to pick up responses that come through the radio receiver.

Last night, I crossed a major milestone towards the goal of two-way communication.  I was in the front seat of my truck, windows rolled down.  My location was the parking lot of a home decor company located in the vicinity of Mockingbird and I35E.  Last week, the body of a young hispanic woman was discovered in the parking lot.  Police originally needed help identifying the body.  The police now know the name of the victim, but they do not have a suspect in her killing.  That is where I come in.  If for some reason her spirit is still attached to the parking lot where her body was found, my hope is that she will communicate with me and tell me what she knows.  I can then use my expertise in audio analysis and try to interpret what she is telling me into something that I can give the detectives.

And the detectives will either treat me as an asset or a total kook, that is their decision.  Detectives have been known to use psychics, even in high-profile cases.  Why not listen to someone like me who is trying to use technology to document spirit communication?  I don’t use my intuition or “hunches”.  I only settle for audio communication.

This week, I picked up an old Elgin transistor radio from an antique store for the bargain price of $10.  Just as some audiophiles like the sound of vinyl LPs compared to CDs, I prefer the sound of a vintage transistor radio to something of a more modern nature.   Plus, it just adds a little ambiance to our work–no denying that.

Here is the first response I received after turning on the Elgin radio.

And, as always, remember to listen with headphones on! (this is the original recording) (original recording with noise removed)

I am on my way to two-way communication.  Stay tuned.  Or tune to an off-station.  Whatever works better.


5 Responses to “One giant leap for paranormal research.”

  1. Your last 2 posts have been really interesting reads… I am fascinated by the possibility of communication. I have had so many weird little experiences since my Dad passed. I am definitely struggling with coming to terms with what was a difficult relationship; with the finality of it. And I have wondered how much that emotion plays into the things I have felt… mostly the smell.of my dad, at times. Last week, I was in bed, & the house started popping – settling – in a very specific pattern, from my kids’ rooms, across the hall to my room, ending with a metallic tinking noise on the metal fan in my room, (which wasn’t on). I turned on the Ghost Radar app on my phone, and it immediately lit up dead center, and said, “Income Johnny,” which was my dad’s name. Kind of weird, but I very strongly felt a presence, which is why I turned it on. Can’t wait to read what you stumble across next. 🙂

    • That is an amazing story about your dad. I really wish I could drop by and bring all of the equipment and see if he is able to communicate. I am now 100% convinced that the death of the physical body is not the end. At least for some people. Not sure yet if it applies to everyone, still working on that. Also, going to Hawaii (Oahu) tomorrow on vacation. Which island does Eddie live on?

      Sent from my iPad

      On Aug 13, 2012,

      • Eddie is on the North Shore of Oahu, I believe. We have still never been to visit. Kind of a strained relationship there, too, at times.

        I noticed you aren’t on fb anymore. Wanted to let you know that I taped my first TV showcase last week for the NickMom channel. It’s the upcoming evening programming shift for the Nick Jr. channel. I think my episode will probably air in mid-December, if they air them in the order they were taped in. Anyway, if you happen to be watching… Dallas will be representing. 🙂

        Have fun on your vacation!

      • No kidding? That is awesome! We will definitely watch. You have done quite a bit in the last few years, I hope life is taking you where you want it to go. (And I think I am done w/facebook. Couldn’t even get on it anymore without getting into a political argument with my right-winger relatives. They can all suck it. The Chick FilA/Boy Scout thing finally blew it up. I committed Facebook suicide, in public, by dropping a bomb and then deactivating my account. Facebook was dragging me way down.)

  2. I’m not sure where life is taking me, but I am starting to realize that sometimes, it is okay not to know. 🙂

    Facebook is an occupational hazard for me. You’re only as funny as your last post, and it is a great marketing tool. It’s definitely a human cesspool, though. It is really hard to live in the South sometimes, with so many religious and political nut jobs around. I am related to my fair share of those, too. That’s one thing I love about what I do – generally, most of the people I hang out with are 10-15 years younger than me and of the more liberal persuasion. It keeps me young, and sane.

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