Where I’m coming from.

I communicate with the dead.  I don’t use my intuition.  I use modern technology.  I really don’t have any type of special sensing ability.  What I do have is a strong desire to communicate.  And I have a trained ear that is very sensitive to voice anomalies that show up on recordings.  I also have an insatiable desire to question not only what we can see and hear, but more importantly what we cannot see and hear.  Nothing special, just a refined and cultivated desire and intent.

My life changed the day that I recorded my first disembodied voice.   “It’s a nightmare” was the three-word phrase that changed my life.  Just a simple, disembodied female voice recorded on the next door neighbor’s porch.   My mind raced for an explanation.  Over one year and hundreds of hours of analysis later, I still haven’t found one.

Recording voices has become a common, everyday thing for me.   I know that each time I turn on the recording equipment, someone or something will attempt to communicate with me.  I ask for it, and I expect it.  This is something that I discovered on my own, something that the vast majority of earth’s occupants either do not know about, choose to ignore, or summarily dismiss.
I constantly struggle with two conflicting viewpoints about this endeavor–do I tell everyone I meet about it, and spread the word? Do I tell people that our senses are extremely limited, and we can only perceive a small fraction of our environment? Or do I keep it mostly to myself and my paranormal group?

Last weekend, I recorded a voice in a cemetery in Paris, TX that said “I want to talk to you.”  Due to the current limitations of our technology, I could not hear this voice in real time, as it occurred.  Instead, I heard it hours later as I downloaded and reviewed the file on my laptop.   It was another missed opportunity to have a direct, two-way conversation with someone or something.  The disappointment is mounting.  I am hitting a wall in my research.  I want to take the next step and engage in real time conversations.  I want to hear everything that is said, and I want to respond.  I want to ask the difficult questions.  I want to know what happens when life ends.  I want to know how the voices are left on my recording devices.  I want to know if someday, after my time on earth has passed, I will be able to speak to the living.  But the real-time technology is not there yet.

Thomas Edison was convinced that someday we would be able to invent a device that would be so sensitive that it could record voices of the dead.  He was right.  But when will we have the technology to engage in a real-time two-way conversation with the spirit voices?

I hope I never take this for granted.  The novelty has worn off, but the wonder of the whole concept is not lost on me.   In my limited view, this is one of the most important research topics.

It affects everyone.  This is where science, technology, and religion come together.

One day, each of us will no longer be able to interact with this dimension the way that we do now.  So then, what?


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