These boots were made for walkin’ (on water)…..

The first thing you notice when you drive into the town of Paris, Texas is the huge cemetery.  HUGE cemetery.  You can stand in the middle and not see the end of the tombstones.  So I looked at a map.  Probably covers 15-20 city blocks.  I read something on the internet that declared it the biggest in the world.  That’s a bold claim.

Like so many other towns in Texas, Paris was much larger and busier 100 years ago than it is today.  I guess that is the reason the cemetery is so large.

One of my favorite sites on the web is a site that lists roadside oddities by state.  Quirky things, like the “World’s Largest Pecan Statue”  or the “Fourth largest replica of the Eiffel Tower in the world”, stuff like that.

But this probably takes the cake for me.  The tombstone-toppin’ Jesus with the cross.  And he wears cowboy boots.  I’ll withold my judgement on the level of taste depicted here.  That’s for someone else to decide.   And Oh My God, is that an orb????  No, just lens flare.  Sorry, orb enthusiasts.

I’ve been to countless cemeteries to record EVPs and to photograph tombstones, usually simultaneously.  I’m lucky that two of my favorite hobbies can happen at the same time.  And the tombstones that I remember the most are the markers that tell us a little more about the person who is buried underneath.  You know, the tombstones that stand out for whatever reason.

This one is that kind of monument.  One can only wonder about the personality and sense of humor of Willett Babcock, who died in Paris in 1881.  I sure do.

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