a body surfaces, and a paranormal investigator races to the scene. A true Texas story.

I am scanning the Dallas Morning News site for any various crime blogs that involve unsolved murders, bodies without identification, suicides in public places, etc.

I see that authorities in Carrollton have found a body.  All the article states is that a body was found in a duck pond by the Carrollton Library around noon.  Victim looks to be in his thirties.  A group of people watched from the library as the body was removed by the pond drain.

So, I look around, Owie is sleeping, Ashley is working on her computer, and I tell her that I am running out to Carrollton (round trip about 60 miles) to check this out.  I figure that my chances are 50/50 on getting some relevant information.  I leave at about 8:15 PM.

I get to the Library in Carrollton, park the truck, and strap the digital recorder to my wrist.  I plug in the low frequency earbuds and start to walk towards the duck pond.  I can hear voices talking to me in the wind.  I can hear the crickets chirping.  And occasionally, a family of walkers passes by me on the paved walking path.

I get to the drain area, and a sudden chill runs over me, starting at my feet, and running to my head.  I know I am in the right spot.  I start to ask questions–“Is this where they found your body?” “What is your name?”  “Did you commit suicide?”

I make a recording approximately seven minutes in duration, as I walk from the spot where the body was removed around the library and back towards the truck.  I feel like I definitely have the voice of the victim recorded–I just won’t know for sure until I get home and analyze the recording on the computer.

I get home and immediately dump the recording on the computer and start to analyze.  My feelings are confirmed.  I have recorded a male voice that answers my questions directly.  And, like most of my recordings, the spirit talking to me talks almost immediately after I start recording, usually at the one or two second mark.  And he addresses me as Clay. 

How do spirits know that I am recording them?  Even when I have the recorder somewhat concealed?  And how in the world do they know my name, if it is never mentioned by any terrestrial being?

But there are some even weirder things on this recording.

A minute or so into the recording, I ask “Is this where they found your body?”  But that is not what was recorded on my recorder.  My voice was manipulated by an unseen force, and the recording plays back as “Is this where they found the (unintelligible–sounds like “gillamord”)  here?”  Clearly a word that I did not speak.
I immediately realize that there is something else at work here.  I use the audio software program to reverse the unintelligible part of my comment.

What follows send chills down my spine.  “We’re here with the mafia.”   Unbelievable.

I also heard the word “fuck” in real time as I was walking away from the drain.  It was not from a person; there was no one in my general vicinity.  Upon playback, it shows up on the recording, and it is paranormal in nature.

The male voice tells me that he was hit in the head and PUSHED into the water.  He also gives me his full name, although it is faint. 

Folks, what we have here is a murder.  And my recording can be of relevance to a police investigation.  I can record what the police cannot see.  I can add a dimension to the investigation that goes overlooked–the voice of the victim himself.

I return home and check the news story again.   The update only adds one fact to the story–that the victim had head trauma.

And onward I march………


2 Responses to “a body surfaces, and a paranormal investigator races to the scene. A true Texas story.”

  1. Wow, that is amazing. Honestly, I think your success in this field has more to do with you than with your equipment or methodology. These spirits are responding to YOU, for whatever reason. I have listened to some of the EVPs that you have posted, and I strain to hear what you heard. I think that you are the channel, and they recognize that in you.

    Totally fascinated by your experiences. Can’t wait to hear how this one plays out.

    • Thanks, Kris.
      There is a new post tonight that you may be able to hear, it is pretty clear (to me at least).
      Also, I am trying to get that hospital in Tennessee near you on our radarscreen. I want to book it and bring the group out there. But it is difficult trying to get the schedules of 4 people to line up. But I am working on it.

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