can a pepper give you a paranormal experience? I think this one can.

This is the time of year where I start thinking about how to turn the weed-ridden backyard into a garden for the summer. Basically, I plant three things:


Herbs–for culinary use;


Native/drought resistant plants–for the water-saving portion of my backyard; and


Peppers-for culinary use.


As far as peppers go, I plant the usual suspects. Jalapenos are pretty useful, and they take up probably half of the pepper area. I usually try to have at least one or two habaneros. It’s pretty easy to find the run of the mill orange type-(I even found a small white habanero at a cool garden place in Austin that has since closed). I might try and fill up the remaing spots with Anaheim or Banana peppers–these are not hot at all and can be used for pickling, etc. Usually, I run about 8-10 plants.


I always go to the ZestFest, which is Dallas-Ft. Worth’s annual convention for all things spicy. If you go on a regular basis, you will notice that these people are fucking serious about capsaicin. Very serious. And usually there is a pepper that everyone is talking about that shows up all over the convention. You will see it in salsas, dips, seeds, pepper sauces, even cut up into tiny slivers for tasing. Last year it was the Bhut Jolokia. I bought 2 bottles of Jolokia sauce; one for me and one for my Dad. Got home, opened it up, and tried it. I put a pretzel stick about 1/4″ into the sauce and pulled it back out.  A very small amount clung to the side of the pretzel.  I ate said pretzel, and my mouth was on fire for 30 minutes. That’s how powerful the Bhut Jolokia is.  Not a lot of practical use, but if you want hot, and you think habaneros are for wimps, the Jolokia is the pepper.


I used to think that habaneros were the hottest. The habanero pales in comparison to the Bhut Jolokia. But there is a new pepper that got my attention at this year’s ZestFest. And I bought a packet of seeds for $5. There were 10-12 seeds in the packet. Not a lot, but I have my fingers crossed. I think I can get them to grow.  It’s the Trinidad Scorpion.  Look below to see where it falls on the Scoville Scale.  It is the new standard for World’s Hottest Pepper.  And if you and I are lucky, we will be harvesting some in the months to come.  Anyone that wants to try it can let me know.  We will see what kind of masochistic pain we can induce.  It’ll be fun.  And if it’s not hot enough, we’ll spray each other with Law Enforcement Grade Pepper Spray.  That should do the trick.

Oh, and if anyone can think of a good use for the Trinidad Scorpion (other than a novelty), let me know.  I’m still scratching my brain for one.


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