Duality and the filter concept. And a post with a lot of “quotes”

Today I had one of those moments when it all comes together, and that light bulb in my head turns from steady dim to bright.  Kind of like a dimmable wall switch being pushed upwards.  I guess you could call it an epiphany.  It is these moments that I long for in my quest for knowledge of the other realm.  You know, times when you read something and it resonates deep within you.

The book I am reading is discussing the nature of duality as it relates to the human mind.  The case is made that the human mind consists of your “self” (Eidolon)as you know it, and another bystander or observer (Daemon) that is watching your life unfold and ocasionally interjecting.  This has been proven through various experiments in hypnosis.  Even some experimental brain surgeries that involve cutting nerves that link both hemispheres of the brain together have seemed to show evidence of this.

The quote below is taken from “Is There Life After Death” (Anthony Peake):

“As we have seen, there is strong evidence that the Daemon exists in a sensory world very different from its Eidolon.  It exists outside of time and, presumably, space.  It perceives “reality” as it really is, a confusing mass of signals and images illuminated by the whole electromagnetic spectrum.”

The Daemon sees reality as it is.  The entire electromagnetic spectrum is reality.  The Eidolon only “sees” a small fraction of it.  A very small fraction of it.

Think of the digital camera.  The electronic sensor in the camera has replaced the film medium in photography.  This sensor “sees” or “perceives” the visible light spectrum and renders a two-dimensional image of this supposed “reality” that it is taking pictures of.    What you end up with is not reality, but a reasonable facsimile of it.  Could the human mind be similar to the camera sensor?  Does our brain, in copperation with our eyes, “see” part of the visible light spectrum and record a one-, two- or three-dimensional image in our mind?   As it is, this is not reality, per se, just a rendering of it.

Note that the camera records one less dimension than the 3-D world we live in.  Does the human mind do the same thing?  Is there another dimension not recorded that we cannot perceive?

The same goes for human hearing.  The Eidolon only “hears” a very small fraction of the audio spectrum.   The same for taste, touch, smell, even the “sixth sense” that so many of us have and underutilize.

This leads me to conclude that the human body and mind (Eidolon) acts as a filter to “perceive” through the five senses a very limited range of “reality”.

Reality in a literal sense is way too much for any of our senses to handle collectively.  Way too much.

Imagine if you heard every sound, whether on the low end or high end of the frequency spectrum.  It would be a sensory overload.

This is why the modern day paranormal investigator uses technology to gain a deeper understanding of the “reality” that we live in.  I call it PIERCING THE VEIL.

With our eyes alone, we can only see the visible light spectrum.  But we know for a fact that just on the edges of the visible light spectrum lie Infrared and Ultraviolet light.  Are these the frequencies that harbor another dimension ?  Are these the frequencies that spirits can manifest in?   We make and use equipment that can perceive these light frequencies and thus allow us to see into these areas.

What about radio waves, waves with a lower frequency than infrared?  How do spirits use these to communicate with us?  And again here the body as a filter comes into play.  Could you imagine hearing all of the radio waves that surround you at any given time, all at once?  Disturbing.  Hence the need for a filter.

We make and use equipment that can manipulate these waves to see if the spirit world operates here.

So I think that in a sense, what we do is stretch the human perception experience with technology to sense these areas that are not able to be sensed with the Eidolon.  We want to override the body as a filter.  Take off the governor.  And let it rip…..


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