the spirits speak.

If you google for haunted places in the general area in which you live, you will find a variety of sites.   Most of these sites have stories that are duplicated on other sites, probably just cut from one site and pasted on another site.  That’s how information propagates, and a lot of times b.s. is just repeated ad infinitum.

Dallas is no exception, you will find a handful of “haunted” places repeated over and over.  One interesting place caught my eye, because I could only find it mentioned on one site, a site that is so obscure that I can no longer find it.

On the North side of I-30, east of Rockwall, there is a nondescript red metal building.   The new owners tried to cover up the original name of the place, which is on the front of the building, facing the interstate.  If you look closely, you will see the words “Country Gold” which I assume was some type of country dance hall.  There is a tall sign pole with the shape of Texas outlined, advertising the most recent incarnation of the building — some type of cheerleading or gymnastics place, I think.

You would never think this place to be any more “haunted” than any other location by appearance alone.  It is probably only 15 years old, the modest building equivalent of what a mobile home is to a brick house.  It sits vacant, a sign on the door reads “October tuition due”.  But I read somewhere on the internet that it was haunted, so it must be, right?

We drove past this place twice in the last week going to and coming from a funeral in Arkansas.  I was coming home from a job meeting in Sulphur Springs today,  and I finally remembered to stop and do some recording.  I stopped the truck, and strapped the recorder to my wrist.  I walked around the front and two sides of the building.

The only people in the area were a couple sitting about 300 yards away in front of the business down the road.  There was heavy traffic on I-30, which is directly in front of the building, which sits on the frontage road.

Upon reviewing the recordings, there appears to be a lot of talking, mostly female, with an occasional male voice.

This link contains a classic “transform” EVP.  Sound waves from the 18-wheelers passing by on the interstate are manipulated into words and sentences by spirits.  This is one of the better examples I have recorded.

Is this the spirit telling me what happened at this location?  Was a ten year old boy killed in a fire?  Amazing.

This was recorded outside of the building.  Wow–I wish we could get in there for a detailed session with all of the equipment.

I couldn’t wait to get home and see what I had recorded in the brief few minutes I was at the building.  I was astonished at the clarity of the voices, considering the windy conditions for recording.

What you are hearing are voices from another realm. We cannot see them with our own eyes, but they are there.  We cannot hear them with our ears only, but they speak.  We do not know what happens when we die, but one can surmise that the conscience survives the death of the physical body.

The spirits speak.


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