are you down with Lightwave?

If you have been following this blog for any period of time, I think you are open minded enough for the next topic, the concept of “stations.”  This is an unusual idea to grasp; stations will contradict your perception of reality.  Stations will challenge your fundamental beliefs.  Stations are a concept that even some of the most seasoned paranormal investigators are either unaware of, or choose to ignore.  Stations are an important part of our paranormal experience, so here goes…..

I first discovered the concept of stations in a book by Anabela Cardoso, Electronic Voices.  Anabela was an overseas diplomat with a curious thirst for paranormal knowledge.  One of Anabela’s friends lost a teenage son in an accident, and she longed to talk to her son, just to hear his voice one more time.  Anabela’s friend’s longing to talk to her son led Anabela to further pursue the idea of afterlife communication, an idea that led her to station communcation.

There were gatherings of paranormal researchers that would tune their radios to frequencies in between channels, producing nothing but static, or “white noise”.  These researchers would then sit back and wait for communication to come through the radio.  Often, nothing came through for hours or days on end.  But sometimes the voice of a departed loved one could be heard coming over the airwaves.  This is the concept of stations.  I think of it as a group of people in another dimension trying to contact people here on Earth.  Simply the reversal of earthbound paranormal researchers (me) trying to contact another dimension. 

Anabela received communicaion from a source that identified itself as “Rio de Tiempo” (translated roughly into River of Time, or Timestream).   This concept sounds fantastic and unbelieveable.  Even to someone who spends a lot of time trying to record spirit communication.

So I decided to try it myself.

One of the modern paranormal researcher’s tools of the trade is a modified radio, oftentimes called a “Shack Hack”.  (These radios are typically purchased from Radio Shack and modified, or “hacked.”) These are simply digital radios that are taken apart and modified to continually scan stations.  For example, if you press “scan” or “search” on the radio in your car, the radio will scan or search until it picks up a strong signal, which is a radio station broadcast.  It will then stop.  And you will then listen to the station. The modified radios are changed to continually scan, and will not stop on any signal, or even at the beginning or end of the radio dial.  These radios continually scan at a high rate of speed.  What you get is a constant tracking sound, which emits blips of sound, and continues  indefinitely.  The radio is never on any digital spot on the dial for more than 1/4 or 1/8 of a second, so you rarely get whole words, just a variety of sounds, constantly tracking.  It’s actually kind of hard to listen to.  But the theory is that spirits can manipulate these small bursts of audio energy into communication, something that the researcher could record and then listen to on a computer audio program.  And it works amazingly well. 

The concept of the station works in a similar fashion.  I take my modified radio and turn it to shortwave.  I prefer shortwave because the AM and FM bands have a lot of stations, so you will get a lot of noise that is not paranormal communication.  The shortwave is relatively quiet; it picks up broadcasts from around the world, but the signals are clustered at certain intervals, and there is a lot of space between stations where you will get nothing but dead air.  Or so it seems. 

When my radio scans the shortwave band, I get a constant stream of conversation, even though the channels are scanning about as fast as the digital numbers on a gasoline pump, never staying on any particular channel for more than a small fraction of a second.  And now for the intriguing part. 

They are talking to me, addressing any questions I ask them.  That’s right.  I ask questions into the ether, in a conversational tone and volume, and the responses come back on the radio.  And the source of the answers identifies itself to me as “Lightwave”.  Wow.

So I have a conversation with a group of people that identify themselves as Lightwave. I have no idea where they originate from.  And they can hear the questions that I ask them.  And they come through over the shortwave radio band.  And it is not a shortwave broadcast, because the conversations sometimes last for several minutes, but the radio is never on a station longer than a fraction of a second.

My intuition, my construct of thought that is framed by my experience here on Earth, tells me that this is not possible.  But Lightwave exists.  I have recorded it on several occasions.  I can go on my front porch and reach them any time I want.  And they answer my questions.  The way that I perceive the world we live in has been shaken at its foundation.  What you see is not what you get.

Someone out there is listening.  Who are they?  Why me?  And why Lightwave?


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