RSVP for Bravo Paranormal.

Back to the topic of RSVP (Roadside Voice Phenomena)–I think this direction that we are taking our research will not only separate us from the pack of run-of-the-mill paranormal groups, it will provide us with the best evidence we can gather to answer the single question that drives everything we do:

Does the soul survive death?

Investigating “haunted” locations will certainly help answer that question.  I believe there is value in investigating these locations, but the more recording I do, the more I realize that labeling a location as “haunted” may be a mistake.  I truly believe that spirits are everywhere and can be recorded anywhere.  I think the population of the spirit world moves about much in the same way that we mortals do.  In that sense, everywhere is “haunted.”  To date, there has not been a location where I could not record an EVP.   That being said,  I needed something more timely, more recent, more local, and more relevant.  That lead our research in a different direction.

In a metropolitan area as large as Dallas-Ft. Worth, tragedy strikes hard, fast and often.  Murders, suicides, fatality accidents, and other tragedies happen with regular frequency.    I check the papers and websites frequently to look for information directing me to accident scenes, etc.   Just in the last week or two, we have had  a terrible car accident in Las Colinas involving 3 fatalities, and a 28-floor suicide drop in a downtown hotel lobby.  Both of these scenes are in public places and are easily investigated.  I understand that the very nature of what we do requires something terrible to happen in order for us to gather research.  It took me a while to come to grips with this, but I am OK with it now.  I have to keep reminding myself that we are not doing anything improper or immoral.   I think that most people probably have some degree of morbid curiosity, mine just happens to be ramped up a little.    But I want information and research to come from tragedy.  That’s why I do it.  Constuctive morbid curiosity. 

The Las Colinas car accident was unique in many ways.   A recently divorced lawyer goes out drinking solo, and meets up with two recent college graduates who were dating each other.   More drinking, a strip club, the partying continued well into the wee hours of the morning.  The lawyer’s $ 160,000 car is driven most likely way over the speed limit, the driver loses control and plunges into a canal where the wreckage sits for 12 hours until someone noticed something was amiss.

The driver and a female front seat passenger were pulled from the canal, still belted in the wreckage.  Authorities did not know that another person was in the car until someone tipped them off.  Police called in a dive team and recovered the male’s body from the canal a few hours later.  The couple died at the hands of the driver whom they had met only hours before.  Terrible in so many ways, but nonetheless an opportunity to try and record at the site and see if I could get some communication working.

Here’s one example.  I believe that this is the voice of the deceased female passenger; her name is Kaat.

There was constant communication from at least two spirits.   Way too much to post on my blog, but you get the drift.  This is some very interesting information.  Thanks again for your interest in what we do.  Bravo Paranormal is committed to moving the field of paranormal research forward.  We believe in sharing our research, opening our minds to new ideas, and using our specific talents to help pierce the veil between our world and the world beyond.


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