a mouse, a duck, and a red octopus.

Raising a two-year old is a challenging, yet rewarding experience.  Anyone that has ever done it knows this is true.  I have really grown fond of the insight that raising Owie has provided me.  Insight into the developing human brain, a brain that reaches for associations that sometimes are quite funny.  Take the other night, for example.  A very large possum was on the back porch eating the cat food, and I quickly called out for Owie to come and see this beast of an animal.  As it stared at us with its beady eyes, Owie cried out, “a mouse!”

Or take the day at the State Fair of Texas.  I took Owie through the petting farm area, and we saw all kinds of animals that us city folk rarely, if ever, get to see up close.    We moved from the cow, to the zebra, past a camel that was literally only inches from us.  As we rounded the corner, the tiny head of an ostrich swung up and over the fence, trying to get some of the food that the kids had for him.  Owie was really stumped by this, but only for a second.  “A duck!”   Very nice.

And last weekend, as we drove to Cedar Hill to grab a bite to eat with Ashley and Connie.  We exited off the highway, and drove past the Best Buy on the service road.  To attract attention, they had set up one of those tall, skinny, cloth inflatable guys that has a fan down at the base.  The guy constantly falls and rises, as he inflates and deflates.  There were several red strands dangling off his head to resemble hair.  You know the thing I am talking about, I can’t even think of what this would be called.   Anyone?   But anyway, Owie yells out “red octopus!”

I find this fascinating.  Associating unknown objects with the familiar.  I can’t wait for the next one. I’ll keep you posted.

One Response to “a mouse, a duck, and a red octopus.”

  1. Incredible wacky waving inflatable flailing arm men! That’s what family guy called them lol

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