a nap, a cat, a man, and a fan. (and an entity).

I really want to blog about this badass new Gatorade that I found at the local hispanic supermercado.  Cucumber lime flavored.  And watermelon citrus.  These are unusual, new, and great, but I digress….

The other day I felt like doing some more direct recorded voice experimentation.  On several occasions, I have recorded voices in my house by simply using the recorder, with no radio or white noise source.   I believe the voices to be from two sources, one more familiar than the other.   The familiar source is the earthbound spirit, which I believe to be the “Ghost” of modern paranormal concern.  These voices are usually female, or androgynous, and usually sound like a whisper.  They are more than faint voices, somewhat easy to understand and detect.  Usually in sentences or sentence fragments.

The unfamiliar source is usually male.  It is distant, monotonous, and VERY faint.  It is usually short in nature, from 2-7 words, rarely a complete sentence.  It sounds hollow, and authoritative.  And it usualy is based on something more than casual conversation.  Instructions, etc.

I laid the recorder by my nightstand, and recorded some questions that I asked “into the ether” as I like to call it.  I am having a few areas of difficulty in my life, and I was just asking out loud for some well-needed advice.  Couldn’t hurt, I thought.

I usually get an answer on every question that I ask, from one or both sources.  The earthbound spirit voice is MUCH easier to decipher, but it is usually relatively meaningless in nature.

I had asked the questions, and I noticed upon playback that the loud purring of my main cat Menace was present throughout the duration of the 25-minute recording.  There were a few intermittent words and responses scattered throughout the 25 minute recording. but the breakthrough came at the end.

I rose from bed and turned on the bedside fan, which was turned off to minimize the noise.

A voice called out, “That’s perfect!  If you are wanting me to help you, I need you to take this fan and turn it towards your recorder.”

I was stunned when I found this upon playback.  It is moments like this that drive our research, and this was definitely a top three moment in my paranormal exploration.  It is such a defining response that it causes me to actually alter the course of my research.

Bravo Paranormal had originally started out investigating EVPs and the like at haunted locations.  I see us gradually shifting to a DRV (Direct recorded voices), using radio source noice and without radio source noise.  This is a great area to research for a few reasons.  First and foremost, as we cross milestones and make research discoveries,  we make our way towards real-time two-way communication, which has been my main goal all along.  This research can be done from the comfort of my house, which is a true benefit.  I harken back to the day earler this year when I would drive for over two hours to investigate EVPs.  Those days are behind me, for the most part.

And finally, this type of research provides us with more relative information, such as ways to improve communication.  Take the fan response above, for example.  The communicator offered me unsolicited advice on how to improve my research.  The information is honest, genuine, and very relevant.

I would like to add that I am always willing to show any of this research to anyone who might be reading this blog or interested.  We are pushing the ethereal communication envelope, and we can prove it. 

It’s time to tune in, link up, and get ready for the ride.

Stay tuned, my friends…..


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