here we go.

Having accomplished the year-long photo project, I am embarking on a new blog  with a paranormal focus.  I will attmept to document investigation of the paranormal from the inside of one of the most cutting edge paranormal groups in this area, Bravo Paranormal.  I will talk about some of the ways that we push the envelope of paranormal research, undertaking research in fields that are not investigated by the typical paranormal group. 

I have been investigating the paranormal almost daily for quite a while, and an incident that happened recently serves as a good starting point for the blog.

I have always been fascinated with the exact locations of events.  I guess growing up it was second nature to stop and read historical markers to learn firsthand about Texas history.   Even now, I occasionally find myself stopping to read a marker to find out what happened on the site or what used to be at the site.  In a similar vein, I have always been intrigued by the concept of the roadside memorial–those crudely fashioned crosses that mark the exact location of a particular vehicular fatality.

I was recently alerted to a research project by my fellow investigator Martin Bravo.  The project is called the Phantom Hitchiker Project.  It originated at a community college in Colorado, where a  student was a little frustrated with the scientific community continually pushing aside paranormal research.  Prevailing scientific theory says that if something can’t be replicated in a lab and controlled for variables, it cannot be science. 

The researchers address the lack of control over variables by controlling for temperature, time, lunar phase, location, and a specific set of questions designed to elicit response from spirits in the form of EVPs.  The purpose of the investigation is to see if so-called “Phantom hitchikers” linger at the sites of accidents with at least one human fatality.  Or, in other words, do the victims of the accident linger at the scene of the accident, or do their spirits go somewhere else, like the cemetery, their home, heaven, hell, etc.  Just as archaeologists and paleontologists, these researchers would gather information in the field and further analyze it in a soundlab.

I have been going next door and recording spirtis for well over six months now, and, although the amount of evidence I have gathered is impressive, the research seems to have hit a wall.  I do not have the methods or equipment to push it further.  So the timing was right to start looking at other paranormal areas to explore.  Hence the Phantom Hitchiker Project. 

There are numerous sites in the D-FW area to investigate.  There is even a site off of I-45 south of Dallas where 12 elderly passengers perished when the bus they were riding in caught fire as they were fleeing Hurricane Katrina. 

My theory is that the energy of such a traumatic, tragic event is imprinted upon the accident site, and most likely is the strongest immediately after the event, with the energy dissipating as time elapses.  But since time is a manmade creation, time may have no bearing on the amount of energy that lingers at the accident site.

But keep in mind that is only a theory, we are venturing into an unknown paranormal area that lacks documented research.

And then it happened.  On October 10th, in Southeast Arlington, a car driven by a 21-year-old male crashed into a tree in a median in front of a junior high school.

The driver was killed immediately, along with his twin brother.  A female passenger died in the hospital several hours later.  A fourth passenger died in a hospital several days later.   Alcohol and excessive speed were thought to be contributing factors.  In the wake of this tragedy, a unique opportunity presented itself.

The accident had a lot of unique characteristics:  young victims, multiple victims, twin brothers that died at the same time, along with a massive outpouring of grief from friends and family that is sure to have left some amount of tangible energy at the site.

I investigated the site 13 days after the accident.  I used a Sony digital recorder, and asked no questions.  I made a few comments during the recording to Ashley, who was in the truck, wich was parked next to the accident site.  Other than me and Ashley, no one was at the site during the duration of the 3-minute recording.

The tape was then reviewed several times by both me and Martin.  We lifted off the traffic noise and scrutinized the recording for any voices that were not made by a human being.  The results were stunning.  Somewhere around (20) different sentences and sentence fragments were spoken during the recording.  Male and female voices were heard.  Words and sentences that seemed connected to the accident were spoken, as were words that were not seemingly related. 

I am not surprised to record voices any more, I expect to pick up EVPs any time I record at a location.  But I must admit I was a little surprised at the variety and quantity of EVPs on the 3-minute recording.  The results are encouraging enough to push further, and with Martin’s blessing, I think we can include accident sites in our routine investigations.  And we have a new name for the project.  RSVP.  Road Side Voice Phenomena.  Credit to Martin for the name.


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  1. I am very excited you have started a new blog with a project that so dear to 4 people that share one passion! I still get the chills when I go back and listen to that accident site recording. Its as though it was happening while being recorded. I have good feelings about where we are going as a team. Mostly because each and every one of us pushes the envelope in our own kinda way. I truly believe that in the end our legacy as Bravo Paranormal will leave its mark on the world that won’t be soon erased! Here’s to Bravo Paranormal, Project RSVP, and every other endeavor that we pursue!

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