I got lucky on this one, caught him at just the right moment.

Owie is the reason that I took up photography in the first place.  I wanted to document his early years.  I wanted to express myself as an artist.  I had always taken pictures, but I never considered myself a photographer until he came along.   Now I am able to use the images I make to give to the special people in Owie’s life as a way of saying thanks.  And I am even selling images and making a little money doing something that I love.  But I have not quit my day job.

I have learned a lot about myself, especially in the past year since I embarked on the year-long photoblog.  My goal was to take at least one picture every day, from my 40th birthday until my 41st birthday, documenting  a rather mundane life in images.  I lived the mundane life, and I created the photoblog that a lot of you have followed from the beginning.

Most of you who know me realize that a striking thing happened as I was well into this endeavor.  I discovered the mysterious and perplexing world of the paranormal.  Interestingly enough, it is a field that enables me to utilize a lot of my passions, including photography.  This is the area that I feel that my team, Bravo Paranormal, will collectively make a mark on this world.  We are “above the fray” of paranormal groups in this area.   Our journey is taking us on a long, interesting ride.  Stay tuned. is the place.

(Shameless plug).

I appreciate your interest in my journey.  It was a journey of self-discovery.  Sometimes a hobby, sometimes an outlet for creativity, and sometimes even a burden (it’s 10PM and I have not taken a pic today?).  But thanks, I hope you have enjoyed my pressing of the shutter and documenting my take on this life.  Now it’s time for me to take a deeper look at the next life.


3 Responses to “Curiosity.”

  1. I’ve loved checking out all your pics this past year.

    It seems like once we had a conversation about God. Maybe an email conversation, can’t remember the specifics… but I think I remember that you were atheist, or maybe agnostic? Are you still? If you are, how does the paranormal thing play into that belief system? And if you aren’t atheist (or agnostic) any longer, what changed your mind, (if you don’t mind discussing it)? I struggle with more questions than answers these days… maybe I just never cared about the answers before. I think it’s interesting to see how other people try to find the answers, and how they interpret what they find.

    Anyway, good luck on your paranormal journey. It is a fascinating subject, for sure.


    • Ah, yes. More questions than answers. Ever since the day that I stepped off of my front porch and onto my neighbor’s porch in an attempt to communicate with the recently drug-overdosed. And I got a female voice that said, “It’s a nightmare.” So clear, in fact, that my old man can hear it and interprets it the same way. I have since communicated with her many, many times over the last several months, and have learned a lot about her through various devices that our group uses to communicate. Now I am historically not a “religious” person, having shunned organized religion, but because of experiences like theseI am becoming more spiritual by the day. I am now convinced that we are spirits having a relatively brief”human experience” which willreturn to another spiritual experience when our mortal body expires. I know that whatever is next door to me can see me, hear me, and she can speak to me. And she has a memory. And she can manipulate a radio like no other. I am able to pick up recordings of voices almost everywhere I go. And the strange thing is that they all call me by name. They know my name. Our paranormal group kind of kids ourself after most investigations as we look at each other and say, “Nice investigation. Now we have more questions than answers.” The questions keep piling up. As we progress through this investigative journey, I think we will begin to understand more about these “entities” or whatever you want to call them. I am not ready to draw any conclusions. But you are right, this stuff is fascinating. Very much so.

  2. Here’s what I wonder: are spirits more active now for some reason?

    I was raised Baptist, (ugh), so I was taught that souls are judged and go to Heaven/Hell upon the death of the physical body; i.e., there’s no such thing as ghosts; rather these entities are ‘demons.’ (side note: I have always believed in ghosts and was aware of them at a very young age – I remember distinctly praying for them to leave me alone). A few years ago, I had a conversation with a 7th Day Adventist – their belief is that souls linger with the physical world until Judgement Day. As this did not align with what I believed at the time, I didn’t think about it much. A Mormon friend of mine told me that Mormons believe more or less the same thing… which religion has it right, if any? I am more of a spiritual person, I have no use for organized religion, although I believe in God. I have studied several different religions casually over the years and think that the big picture is probably fractured; each religion has a piece of the puzzle, and the answer will not be revealed until all the ‘pieces’ find a way to come together.

    What is curious to me is this global obsession, almost, with things of a spiritual, (not necessarily religious), nature that has been developing in the last 15-20 years or so. Angels, spirits, UFOs, things of that nature, that people have been actively seeking. Are there more documented cases of such things because people are actively seeking them, or because the entities themselves have become more active? And if THEY have become more active… why?

    Are we in the ‘end times?’ Do these entities sense that, or do they just pick up on society’s preoccupation with it through energy transference? Or maybe we are picking up their energy…?

    One of the reasons that I went back to school to become a massage therapist was because of a class I took on Reiki 10 years ago or so. Energy is so… present, in each of us. I could physically feel it, and manipulate it. It was like nothing I ever felt before. Scientifically, this energy force has to go somewhere when the physical body can no longer contain it… where does it go? What does it do? Are we capable of manipulating our own energy outside of our physical selves; i.e., out-of-body experiences?

    Here’s an interesting link you may want to check out:

    As a child, these energies/entities scared me and I asked them to leave me alone. Now, I seek to make contact with them; one of the things that drew me to our house is that it is covered in TN field stone… and stones act as a natural magnet for spirit energy. I have had a few, non-intelligent, experiences in this house. What I once tried to pray away, I now wish would return in some meaningful way. I want answers. I want to KNOW what happens next.

    I’m not sure if you plan on continuing this blog since your year of photographic journaling is complete. If that is the case, i hope that you will start a new blog detailing your experiences with the paranormal. I would love to see what you discover on this new journey.



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