It’s haunted.

“Old City Park” was its name back in the 70’s.  We used to take field trips in elementary school to see the park with all of its old relocated buildings and living history reenactments.  These days, its called Heritage Village, and it is a beautifully maintained park just Southeast od Downtown Dallas.  Supposedly, this building, the Millermore Mansion, is haunted.  So I ran down to see it at lunch the other day, and this building just happened to be closed.  I walked around the outside with my recorder and camera, and had some moderate success.  I picked up a few voices that seemed to be following me, and letting me know that I was walking too fast.  And I got this great picture of the porch.  Wow.  Impressive porch.  Columns, rocking chairs, historical marker.  And spirits.  I need to get inside there, hopefully the park is open to the idea of seances; Bravo would like to do one.


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