pushing the threshold.

The informart in Dallas is basically a copy of the Crystal Palace, which was built in London for the first World’s Fair in 1851.  Really cool architecture.  I took a few glancing blow shots just trying to get a portion of the architectural detailing in the frame.  Then, in Photoshop, I adjusted the threshold to show black and white where the details are.  Not sure what I want to do with this, it would make a cool silkscreen.  I saw a guy in Deep Ellum lithograph this type of thing onto some wood and then varnish the whole piece, it looked really cool.  But I think the point is to just capture enough of the detail to be able to identify the building, no more.  Sounds like a project to me.

**Sidenote:  the Infomart was also the site of the Newman Smith Class of 1988 Senior Prom, which I did not attend.



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