security guard abuses power.

It’s a general consensus that Valley View Mall’s days are numbered.  The mall stands mostly vacant, and sits on a prime piece of real estate.  Along with Prestonwood Mall (which no longer exists), this mall played a big role in my childhood.  I have a lot of fond memories of the place.  And I wanted to take a few pictures of the awesome mural that adorns three sides of the empty Macy’s building.  After I took this shot, I was run off by a security guard for taking a picture of a public building. I gave resistance, and she was on the phone for assistance.  She insisted that I delete the pictures from my camera.  I refused.  Fuck You security guard.  You are abusing your limited power.  I will be back to take as many pictures as I want.


One Response to “security guard abuses power.”

  1. I remember these murals… it was the Sanger Harris store when I was a kid… and these murals were pretty much the only interesting design feature of the mall. Valley View was definitely my favorite haunt, although I could rarely get my parents to drive there, as Prestonwood was much closer. There are many who deride the mall era, but what would our adolescence be without them? I remember meeting friends under the clock at Prestonwood, the way the lockers smelled when I went ice-skating… the sale racks at Express, where a cash-poor teen could still buy some stylish threads. I bought my first ‘paid-all-by-myself’ clothes at Neiman Marcus, and all my music in the mall, including the Paul Young tape that I had to replace 3 times due to constant use. My mother and I weathered my rocky teen years at the mall, finding common ground in a great shoe sale at Dillards… I met boys at the mall, I kissed boys at the mall, I’m pretty sure I stalked boys at the mall… I watched the older girls at the mall and learned how to flirt and walk and talk and dress… I got my hair cut at the mall, including my 7th grade Joan Jett mullet and my late-80’s spiral perm that flowed most of the way down my back. I grew up at the mall. I left my youth at the mall, and I imagine it walking the mall still…

    This pic was a great memory. Thanks.

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