been spending a lot of my time in cemeteries recently.

Cemeteries have always piqued my curiosity.  I have always revered the cemetery.  It is a place where family members go and literally speak to (not with) the dead.  You can see it at any cemetery–relatives standing at the grave of a loved one, telling the departed about something that happened, or bringing a friend by, or living days gone by engaged in a one-way conversation.

As a dualist, I believe that the body and soul are separate, the body a mere shell for the soul during our lifetime here in this realm.   Intuitively, I think that cemeteries are mere resting places for the bodies of the departed.  The more I investigate and record, the more I learn that this is simply not true.  The recordings I have made in cemeteries have all produced  many, many discarnate voices of many different spirit personalities.    Here is a picture of a cast iron grave marker, a unique memerial that I have found recently in cemeteries in East Texas.  The hands in a handshake at the top appear to be both female (left) and male (right).  This may indicate that this person was married at the time of death.  “Mrs.” on the grave marker seems to confirm that.

As I was exiting this cemetery, a voice said “Take me with you…please.”


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