the most enlightening cemetery trip to date.

Yesterday, I was surfing the internet and came upon a site that had a list of “haunted” sites around Texas.  A cemetery in Mesquite caught my eye.  The Motley family deeded some land to the Community College district to establish a school on the site.  There is a small family cemetery that remains on campus.  And it has a grave for an arm.  A grave for an arm?  I’m in.

So I drove to the site, maybe 5 miles from my house.  And yes, it has a grave for an arm (see picture); suprisingly enough,  it also has a grave for a foot (see picture).  Wow.

It also has a headstone that asks the question “Stranger, can you tell is this where individuality ceases or does it exist beyond?”  That is the exact question I am seeking to answer.  I have never seen that on a gravestone.  How enlightening.

Of course I had my recorder rolling, and I recorded for a little over five minutes.  I picked up at least (13) distinct sentences or sentence fragments spoken by a variety of men, women, and children.  One child asked, “Hey big man, could you carry me home?”  Intriguing.  But the one that sticks out is a male voice: “Try to get my foot out.”

I think I just answered the question from the gravestone.  This is real. 


One Response to “the most enlightening cemetery trip to date.”

  1. Just a guess, but the Mottley family seems to have had a bad run with the diabetes. Maybe when Wilfred Brimley kicks it, you can facilitate an afterlife meet-and-greet.

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