Mr. T’s haunted substandard rental unit.

This is where it happens.  Mr. T is the slumlord.

To give you an idea of how close this is to my house, the picture was taken from my property.  There is something still attached to this house.  It may be more than one person; I am getting all kinds of voices on the recordings.  Every recording has several EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena).  The name Erik keeps coming up.  Today, “child”, “perfect,” and some rather unintelligble sentences were uttered.

I am focusing my questioning in an attempt to find out more about the spirit doing the speaking.  This is new, uncharted territory.  Mistakes will be made, lessons will be learned, teeth will be cut during this continuing experiment.

I am very fortunate to have a place like this so close to my house.  It makes the research a lot easier and less time consuming.  At the same time,  I have a real need to know where the boundary line between the spirit realm and my house is drawn.

A very real need.

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