the community value of the greasy spoon.

I want to start by saying that I never once ate at the Metro Diner.  I have lived in these parts for over 8 years, and I am a true breakfast aficionado.  I like nothing more than to start my weekend days with a nice breakfast at a local haunt.  A nice cup of coffee, the morning paper, scrambled eggs, sausage, wheat toast, hash browns, bring your own tabasco.  I have it down.  But I never had the urge to eat at the Metro Diner.  I have friends that swear by this place. (Brian and Shannon Cox).   It’s the home of the 24-hour Hobo Special, which I’m sure goes over well with the Hobos.  I really appreciate the value of places like this in the community.  It’s a place where the waitresses can dish out more than food, and the regulars can eat it up.  The five or six tables would be occupied by a variety of customers, from medical workers at Baylor (which is across the street) to all night rockers from Deep Ellum. 

Yesterday was its last day to spoon out the grease.  This place has been serving breakfast since before Kennedy was assassinated, and it will be missed.  Another irreplaceable piece of East Dallas gone by the wayside.


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