onward and upward…

The OakCliff Bikes photo contest is this weekend, and I am one of seven finalists.   My picture is printed, framed, and ready to hang in the Tavern gallery.  Fingers are crossed.

My next project is a series of 10-15 urban prints that I will attempt to get shown at Vino 100, which is a wine bar in uptown that Ashley works at.  I will have some type of neon hotel shot in the series, this one I took tonight to get a feel for the image.  I got a lot of inspiration from walking around Deep Ellum Arts Festival last weekend.  There were 20+ photographers selling images, and four or five had a style that I could really appreciate.  We even bought some images from a photographer out of Austin.  Looking at someone’s images is seeing the world through their eyes.  I learned a lot by looking at how an accomplished photographer would shoot the same subject that I shoot.  Very good stuff.

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