it started with an idea….

Owen is outgrowing the infant theme in his nursery. Baby blue is on the way out; we have to make room for something a little more edgy.
Time to do some redecorating–maybe with an urban theme this time. I thought about having a grafitti artist come in and tag the whole room. That would be cool, but the walls would eventually get painted over, and we would be left with nothing but photos and memories, and noxious spray paint fumes. Then it hit us when we went to the Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, our go-to gallery for all things odd and unique. 

In 2004, the gallery featured an exhibit by Tony Bones, the iconic dallas grafitti artist. We bought one of his pieces from that show a couple of years ago.  The piece was not totally to my liking, but it was all they had at the time. I just wanted a piece of his work that we could call our own. It now hangs above the mantle. Julie Webb, the gallery owner, had one more piece that Tony had sketched for the show, and we took measurements of it. It was not really the right size for the nursery. So Ashley talked to Julie, and Julie thought that she could get in touch with Tony, who was in NYC at the time. We corresponded through email, and found out that Tony was driving from NYC to Austin to go to South by Southwest. He said that he could do something for us, and even deliver it to us while he was here in Texas.
I told him that what I really wanted was something depicting Owen chasing a cat. Kind of the quintessential “child-terror” theme, but a little more personalized.

I went online to one of the Tony Bones groups on flickr, and picked out a few pics of his work that we would use as a baseline. (Yes, there is a group that takes urban pics of his works as they find them, and they post to this group–what an honor for an artist)
Then we would add curly hair and a crown to make it more like Owen. And he would be chasing a black cat. Tony came up with some preliminary sketches and emailed them to me. I definitely wanted Tony’s take on the idea. That’s what we were paying for. But I changed a few things to make it a little more personalized. Last night, one of Dallas’ most notorious grafitti artists shows up at my door with the work. Kind of funny, these guys are always under the radar, constantly trying to avoid the authorities, and here he is on my porch with the finished product. The result was a fun collaboration, and a neat story.


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