a great pot story.

I was shopping at my favorite local organic nursery, Redenta’s, a few days ago.  I was looking for a few plants to put in the ground to get the herb garden rolling. 

I saw some really cool clay pots on a shelf and bought one that I liked.  This was not your ordinary clay pot.  It had a unique shape and was hand spun on the potter’s wheel.  I took it home, and saw that it was stamped with “David Day Designs–Dallas, TX.”

Hmmm.  I knew a David Day in high school–could it possibly be the same guy?  So I found his company facebook page and sent him a message.  Just wanted him to know that I liked his work, and I asked him if he went to Newman Smith High School. 

A few hours later came the reply.  “Santiago?  Is that you?”

Yes, it is.  Santiago was my name in sophomore Spanish.  David sat in front of me, and if I remember correctly, we raised some hell. 

So now we are emailing back and forth–what a small world. I would like to see him make some of these, and possibly take some pics–maybe even get the photography group out there.  There is always room for unique, handcrafted items in my small world.  The more useful, the better.  Fotunately for both David and I, this type of product is spot on.


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