old Alton bridge, Hickory Creek

The Dallas Paranormal Seekers were scheduled to conduct an investigation at this bridge and the nearby cemetery tonight.  Our organizer was ill and had to cancel the meetup.  I called Ron Smith and asked if he would like to go out anyway.  It seems that both of us were really looking forward to this, so we made it happen anyway.  This is the first shot I took of the bridge.  It was built in 1877.  Anyone who went to high school in Carrollton or any surrounding area might know this bridge as Goatman’s bridge.  The name was derived from an unfortunate run-in between the Ku Klux Klan and a black goat farmer sometime around the 1930’s.

I have never been a believer in “orbs.”  A lot of paranormal enthusiasts get orbs in their pictures and try to classify the orbs as some sort of paranormal manifestation.  If the photograph was taken with a flash condition, chances are the “orbs” are really just pollutants or dust in the air reflecting off of the flash and showing up in the image as circles of light.  Which is exactly what you see along the top of this image.


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