this is why I do what I do.

I took this picture on Friday night at the end of the Dallas Photography Group meetup at the Trinity River Bridges.  I got kind of bored at the end; 90 minutes of shooting skylines will do that to you. 

Photography literally means “writing with light,”and this is a great example of light writing.  The zoom blur, as it is called, involves using a telephoto lens on a tripod mount.  You want a long shutter speed (>3 sec.) to open the shutter and let the photons hit the image sensor.  Then you zoom in or out, or back and forth, and this is the effect you get.  It is a lot of fun, and you always get a surprise when the image pops up on the LCD screen.  I posted this in the group photo album, and got responses like never before.  Lots of new photographers wanted to know how I got this shot.  So I shared what I new, and now they can go out and do the same.  Learning in a group dynamic is exciting, and participating in the meetup groups is a great way to learn and meet great people with a common interest.


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