OK, so I hang out at grocery stores.

One of the benefits of frequenting places is the great  people you meet that work there.  If you go to Whole Foods and can’t find me, go to Central Market.  I think it is a much better experience to shop and eat at a place where the employees know you by name.   Just this weekend, I walked in to Whole Foods, and an employee asked me, “How long are you here?”  I asked, “What do you mean?”  She then asked how long my shift was.  She explained that she had seen me in there so many times, she thought I worked there.  As a massage therapist.  Funny. 

One of the employees at Central Market heard through the grapevine that I had a turntable that converts vinyl records into mp3’s.  She had an album that she wanted burned to a CD so she could listen to it in her car.  I gladly obliged, and recorded it for her last weekend.  It was a recording of a world-class cellist.  The CD I burned ended up being the burning of an album from the 60’s that was recored in the 20’s.  The audio quality was tin can and string or wax cylinder at best.  The stuff was haunting, most of it solo cello with an occasional piano accompaniment.  Anyway, I was glad to help her, with something that was sitting in my closet gathering dust.  It made her day, and helping her out made mine.


2 Responses to “OK, so I hang out at grocery stores.”

  1. Dude, Pablo Casals kicks ass! Actually never heard of him, but cool story. Glad that you are at least selective with the grocery stores you hang out in. Doing that at Kroger’s would just be weird. Winn-Dixie even a bit weirder. Piggly Wiggly would probably signify some type of mental disorder.

  2. Tom Schreck Says:

    Funny and a cool story.

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