Font/product mismatch.

Few things in this world are as important as using the right font to convey your message.  I have been driving by this shop in Carrollton for many years, and I always noticed the peculiarity of the chosen font.  Now I have a camera to document it.

I am not sure if the headbanger’s ball font really works with donuts, but who knows.  This place probably sold a shitload of donuts.  Maybe even to headbangers.

At least someone wised up and removed the apostrophe that made the donut possessive.  That kind of grammar drive’s me up the wall.


2 Responses to “Font/product mismatch.”

  1. Best post yet!

    • I thought you would like that one. I have been driving by that sign for at least 10 years laughing every time. It finally dawned on me to blog about it.

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