Zen Bakery/before

A high school friend of Ashley’s owns a baking company that specializes in artisan cake balls.  They are moving to Deep Ellum and are going to be located in the former Blind Lemon spot.  The Blind Lemon was the most unique bar in Deep Ellum.  During it’s heyday in the 1990’s, the Lemon consisted of six or seven bars that occupied one building.  The bars were kind of linked together, like going through a haunted house or something.  A new bar behind every door. There was even a bar with live human “dancers” that were painted with flourescent paint and glowed in the ultraviolet light.  They crawled on a catwalk above you when you entered the bar.  Anyway, I digress.  I cannot remember the theme or the name of the bar that occupied this space.  But there is an interesting long red wraparound couch that is left over.  I think the bakery is going to design around it.


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