DPS mini-investigation, Spaghouse West End.

The Dallas Paranormal Seekers monthly meetup last night was a great experience.  The beauty of the meetup.com format is that I meet people who think like  I do; people who share my curiosities and convictions.  I had some great conversations with the members and it looks like we have some excellent locations pegged for future investigations.  In the near future we are going to a POW camp, back to the Lawrence Hotel, a cemetery in Waxahachie, and the childhood home of the group organizer.

Anyway, a couple of guys in the group are tech wizards, and they have among them an arsenal of instruments used in the investigation of the paranormal.  One of the most impressive (and least expensive) of the gadgets was the laser grid.  You can be at the end of a corridor, and aim the laser down the length of the area.  Instead of one laser point, the device separates into a grid, forming a matrix of laser beams.  The theory is that if there is motion, it will be easier to detect by noticing a laser beam that has been compromised.  This is an accidental, out-of-focus picture of the device in use.


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