an out of market Friday.

I guess it’s my marketing background.  I like “new” products.  I also like Dr. Pepper, but I don’t drink it because of the calories.  And out of all the diet sodas, Diet DP tastes the least like the product it is trying to imitate.  I really like Pepsi Max, which is an interesting diet soda, because it is specifically targeted to the male demographic.  So, Dr. Pepper comes out with a new 10 calorie diet soda, also aimed at the male dempgraphic.  So I feel the need to try it, but it is only being test-marketed in 6 cities in the US.  Fortunately, 2 of those are in Texas.  So I grabbed Owie and drove to what I figured would be the part of the Austin market closest to DFW, near Georgetown.  We found an HEB (which are also not in my market), purchased a shitload of it, and tried it.  And the reviews are coming back very mediocre.  But, as you can see from the picture,  I have seven more 12-packs to kill, so I better get back to it….

2 Responses to “an out of market Friday.”

  1. Oh man, I think you might be hoarding Dr. Pepper. I want to help you… 🙂

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