my vote for the best thing since sliced bread….

The banner outside of Rusty Taco says it all.  “106 choices here.  Coca-Cola Freestyle.”  This is the soda fountain to end all soda fountains.  A touch screen guides you through 106 choices of beverages, all dispensed from a single fountain.   The water, carbonation, and flavoring are all dispensed simultaneously, through some form of gypsy magic.  Several times, I have planned dinner around restaurants that feature this contraption.  Currently, Rusty Taco is on a short list with Pei Wei and select Double Dave’s.  When I was a kid, we would go to K-Mart and get a “suicide” fountain drink.  This consisted of filling the cup with ice and proceeding to get a little of each offering, from Coke to Orange Soda to Sprite to Root Beer, etc., all mixed into one cup.  I guess the thought behind it was that it would either (a) kill you, (b) make you want to commit suicide, or (c) provide you with very unique, albeit somewhat undrinkable, beverage.  Hell, if you try that with this machine, you will be there all fucking day.  Seriously.


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