Lockhart BBQ in Oak Cliff?

Lockhart, TX is the Mecca for BBQ  in Texas.  The top-rated joints are located in and around this central Texas city.

So it goes without saying that when you invoke the city of Lockhart in the name of your week-old BBQ joint, you have big BBQ balls.  When you choose not to serve sauce with your fare, you have big BBQ balls.

I have been to most of the BBQ Jerusalem sites in Texas, and only one of them did not offer sauce.  And I think it was in Lockhart.

Well, anyway, this place actually pulls it off.  And Ashley says the potato salad was the best she’s ever had.  Surprisingly good for Dallas BBQ.

We will be back.  I might have to BYOS, though.


One Response to “Lockhart BBQ in Oak Cliff?”

  1. Damn I miss BBQ…

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