the payoff….

Over a decade ago, I had tickets to an A&M/Nebraska game at Kyle Field.  Nebraska was ranked high in the polls that year, and the Ags were big underdogs at home.  I had already attended a couple of games that year.   I was on the fence about going to the Nebraska game, and after going back and forth, I made the decision not to invest the time and effort to go down to College Station and watch the game in person.   Instead, I stayed home and watched the game on TV.  As the game unfolded, the Aggies stood toe to toe with the heavily-favored Huskers, and put on one of the most dominant efforts of any A&M team in recent memory.  Tears of joy streamed down my face, as the Ags had finally pulled off the upset, and put on a show for the national TV audience. 

After that game, I made the decision to never sit on the fence about something that stirred passion in me.  

I have been in a group of season ticket holders for many years since that game, and I have access to many games every year.  I put forth the time, effort, and money that it takes to enjoy something that I am passionate about.  And I have seen a net result of mediocrity for the last 10 years or so.

But last night was the payoff.  The Ags did it again.  And upset the #8 team in the country.  And I was there this time.

Jump in.  Go all out.  Do it.  Find something that you are passionate about and put forth the effort.  The rewards may be a long time coming, but they will come.


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