the year-long photo journey begins here

Today, I turned 40 years old.  WOW.  This day has been hanging over my head for a while now, but now that it is here, it isn’t so bad!

Now that I am on top of (not over) the hill, I can see for miles, and I have decided to start a new project.  I am embarking on a new photographic journey.  I will publish one picture a day for a year, culminating with my 41st birthday, 9/9/11. 

I am determined to become a better photographer, to better see the world around me, to gain the discipline that it takes to publish images daily.  Some images will be mundane.  My life is mundane at times.  Some images, like the one above, will be extraordinary. Sometimes life is extraordinary.   But most of all, I will show you how I see the world, one picture, one day at a time.  I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoy creating them.

This image shows a warehouse hit by a tornado in Dallas yesterday. 


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